A journey of resilience and self-discovery that ultimately led me to realize that I need more of all that… and some.

Hello world,

Anyone else out there trying to get their life together during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC and a movement for political and societal change? If not, that’s cool and I’ll continue to just sit over here contemplating whether I should organize my bookshelf based on color, genre, or author, inevitably leading to a mini melt down from having too many options and realizing that it never really mattered in the first place. I’m thriving.

Seriously though, at the beginning of every week, I think about what my priority, goal, or objective will be and get a sense of how I’m going to do it. Let me tell you, during the breaks I take from sleeping or binge-watching shows, I have managed to accomplish quite a bit. Plus, I watched everything in months one and two of the stay-at-home order and now I’m being forced to find other ways to occupy my time when I’m not stressed about applying to jobs as thousands of people enter the job market who were employed by companies like Airbnb, Lyft, Uber, and so on… because life wasn’t hard enough. Anyway, like I said, I’m thriving.

Since being evacuated from Namibia along with the other thousands of Peace Corps volunteers in March, I have spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos about skincare (Susan Yara is a goddess), organizing my space to the point that Marie Kondo might be slightly impressed, creating a capsule wardrobe because retail therapy is healthy, channeling my inner “Karen” where I write product reviews and give unsolicited advice to differing platforms (a creative way to get social interaction), cooking stuff that might pass as edible, thinking too much, taking online courses for fun, and writing run-on sentences. I’m going to blame the public education system for that one because it’s easier to blame others and I’m pretty much faultless… and even if I weren’t, I’d never tell. XOXO, your entitled uneducated millennial. I’m hoping you read that in Gossip Girl’s voice, otherwise I just sound like a lunatic… which wouldn’t be a big leap to assume.

Last week, I brainstormed forty-one potential blog posts (not overwhelming at all), outlined a  handful of those, finished six audio books, deep cleaned my room, completed one LinkedIn course, applied to jobs, learned that my favorite flavor of Halo Ice Cream is the chocolate chip cookie dough one (with dairy), and various other subtle brags that somehow make me feel like I’m not a potato… but if we wanted to get into it, I guess there are worse things to be, such as a fire tornado (who knew?!), murder hornet, or the year 2020.

Although this year has been interesting to say the least, it has also been full of opportunity and has challenged us to redefine what we have considered “normal” for so long. We have been forced to adapt, question, and shed light on some of the most pressing issues affecting our communities and society as a whole. Throughout this year, everyone has been impacted significantly, but there have been so many moments and people that continue to inspire me and give me hope.

During the last few months, I’ve had the opportunity to slow down and actually practice living with more intention and purpose. I have also been able to discover more about myself, what I would like to do, and what I could potentially contribute. I’ve realized that I need to continue to work on myself (apparently self-development  and discovery are a lifelong type of thing), but I’m excited to live more authentically, to practice gratitude, to create connection, to be vulnerable, to share what I know, to build and uplift others, to empower people to live bold and genuine lives, and to find humor and enthusiasm through it all. I hope we can let our lights shine vibrantly, let others do the same, remain open to all of the potential joy waiting around the corner, and keep in mind what is truly important.

Thank you for reading!

Always, Grace.

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  1. I like this post. I too have gone through these “crush it” moments in life too. Looking back, at least for me, I found myself saying busy because the alternative – staying still – was too scary and sad. I think I’m on this lifelong mission to try and find the right balance between attack-mode and detachment. I think I’m in the latter at the moment. Especially after binging on Ajahn Brahm https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ajahn+brahm. Thanks for sharing the real you!

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