Setting Class Rules

Hello World, Setting rules can sometimes seem difficult and enforcing them can feel even more challenging. As a new teacher, I struggled with crafting rules, managing my classes, being consistent, and if I’m being honest, many, many other aspects of the role. During my first year of teaching, I worked with the same two classes and had multiple subjects with them. I was fortunate because I was able to nurture better relationships and meet each students’ individual needs. They were naturally well behaved and patient as I figured out my teaching style. The next year, I moved to another school where I taught five different Grade 8 classes that each had 50 students in them and their ages ranged from 13 – 21*. I learned quickly that if I didn’t develop a good classroom management plan and put energy into implementing it at the beginning of the school year, I…

Five Tips for the First Day of School

Hello world, As a new teacher (especially TEFL educators), the first day of school can be pretty daunting. I had no idea what to do, but my biggest words of advice now are 1) be ready to actively learn through experience, 2) be patient with yourself and your students as you go through this together, and 3) whatever you do, try to be consistent. If there are hiccups, let them inform your teaching moving forward. Maybe you come to find that the attention getter or hand signal you were trying to implement didn’t work in a class. Maybe it takes a little longer for students to get that routine or procedure down for turning in papers. Whatever it is, keep going forward, reflect as you do, and celebrate the little successes. With all that said, here are my tips to help make the first day(s) of school something you and your kids can look…