10 Budgeting Hacks You Can Start… Like Now

Budgeting hacks that I use to save money that you can also start doing, now!  Don’t spend money you don’t have. Use your credit card to build credit not to put yourself in debt. You should be able to pay the balance at the end of every month. Might sound basic, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thrown out rational because I was in dire need of caffeine or I was craving some pizza. Be sustainable. Find reusable options for products you use consistently. For example, I love my reusable storage bags and cotton rounds. Also, you could implement habits such as meal planning, so you are less likely to impulsively stop for fast food and you’ll have a list of what you need when you’re shopping. That way you don’t wander around the aisles aimlessly and you’re less likely to buy food that will go bad.…

Beginner’s Guide to Budgeting

Everything you  need to know about budgeting but were never taught and now you have no idea what’s going on.  If we are being honest, talking about money, personal finances, or budgeting can be overwhelming and uncomfortable. If I could, I’d probably avoid these topics and just pretend like everything is fine. Then, I would quietly freak out at the mention of retirement funds, investing, interest rates, and so on. Is it not good enough that I’ve managed to keep myself alive this long? Anyway, I’ve taken on the challenge of breaking things down so we can stop panicking and get our sh*t together. Let’s get started! Step 1: Choose a budgeting method that works for you. Apps like Mint. This specific app lets me see everything in one place for free like my credit cards, loans, investments, credit card score, and the amount of money I actually have. Traditional Budget:…