Although this is a few days late, I am so proud to have participated in this project. These girls are such beautiful human beings; they make my service worthwhile and empower me to be a better volunteer.


  1. Rodney Pickens Reply

    Grace, I enjoy your web page. I have applied to PC Namibia, and I wonder if you have time to share advice with me. I am 65 years old, considering retiring, and interested in PC Namibia. I applied for a teaching job, but I am not a teacher. I am an engineer who makes a living applying mathematics to computer vision, machine learning, and signal processing. I have considerable science training: biology major, math minor, considerable chemistry and physics, and masters degree in electrical engineering. Also, I’d like my wife to join with me, but she is not a mathematician nor scientist. Given this, I suspect that she will be unable to teach. She was raised in Japan and knows Japanese fluently as well as English. I want her to come for her companionship and for her assistance. Do you have advice for me and for us? Also, I have read that older PCV have possibly more isolation as most volunteers are younger, such as your self. I am pretty hardy that way, but I wonder what you think and would advise. Thank you so much for the blog. My email is Rod

    • Grace Reply

      Hi Rod,

      I sent you an email in response to your comment.

      Happy holidays!


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