1/1/17 – Peace Corps Application submitted along with resume and motivational statement

1/3/17 – Health History Form submitted

  • Took two days to complete— there are many parts to this and the website was a little slow

1/3/17 – Received list of potential countries I could serve in based off of my Health History Form and asked to complete Soft Skills Questionnaire

  • Based on the list of countries you are eligible for, you can choose your top three choices and/or check a box that says you will serve anywhere you are needed
  • I researched all 43 countries listed and ultimately chose Rwanda, Namibia, and then South Africa and checked the box to serve anywhere
  • The Soft Skills Questionnaire takes about 15 minutes – You are given about 40-50 characteristics and you have to prioritize which are the most important and least important in three steps

1/27/17 – Consideration for Namibia Email

2/2/17 – Skills Addendum

2/7/17 – Received email to set up interview

2/16/17 – Interview!

  • This is Eastern Standard Time
  • Took lots of notes to prepare for the interview, such as Core Expectations, description of position, Namibia’s culture and history, and potential questions with answers

2/17/17 – Received invitation to officially join the Peace Corps as a Secondary Education English Teacher in Namibia

  • You have 3 days to accept your invitation!!!

Between receiving my invitation and leaving for my staging event in Philadelphia, I had to get medically and legally cleared, complete courses online, complete tasks, etc. It’s a long process with moments of uncertainty, but very worth it!

Good luck with your Peace Corps endeavors!

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